Alumni Association Board approves LGBTQ and Ally Alumni Society

LGBTQ Raiders and their allies can now expect support from Wright State beyond graduation. On Saturday, February 6, 2016, the Wright State University Alumni Association Board of Directors approved the establishment of a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) and Ally Alumni Society at its quarterly Board meeting.

The mission of the society will be to “provide assistance and support for the continuing success of Wright State University’s LGBTQ and ally students, faculty, staff, and alumni.”

Wright State’s LGBTQ community has grown in visibility and as more incoming college students identify as LGBTQ or allies, Wright State University has been making strides to create an inclusive campus environment, such as, most recently, the establishment of the Office of LGBTQA Affairs. The alumni society’s formation closely follows the creation of this new office, established in 2015. The Office of LGBTQA Affairs has been officially part of the Wright State community for one academic semester and recently named Petey Peterson as its director.

“[The LGBTQ and Ally] society is such a great opportunity to connect Wright State LGBTQ and Ally alumni to find community and support, as well as create a society of possibility models for our current LGBTQA+ Wright State students,” said Peterson. “With the growth of the LGBTQ & Ally Alumni Society, we will have another great resource to help us raise funds for the new LGBTQA scholarship, connect our students to LGBTQ & Ally mentors, and build an even larger and stronger LGBTQ & Ally Wright State community.”

The society plans to host a yearly LGBTQ and ally open house, initiate mentorships between alumni and current students, and represent Wright State at LGBTQ community events. The society plans to grow its membership initially through social media and a Facebook group has already been created to this end.

“The LGBTQ and Ally Alumni Society is a welcome addition to the WSU Alumni Association as we continue to expand our societies and networks to reflect the rich diversity of the Wright State alumni community,” said Deb Downing, Alumni Association Board president.

For more information on the LGBTQ and Ally Alumni Society, and to sign up to receive event notifications and e-mails, visit the LGBTQ and Ally Alumni Society page.