Faculty profile: Derek Doran

Dr. Derek Doran is an Assistant Professor derekdoranin the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Wright State University. He leads the Web and Complex Systems lab in Kno.e.sis, a state-wide Center of Excellence in knowledge-enabled computing. His research interests are in the analysis of large-scale network and relational data, social informatics, and Web mining (focusing on characterization, behavioral modeling, and social media analytics). His work has been recognized with best paper awards and nominations at multiple conferences. Dr. Doran is a National Science Foundation EAPSI Fellow, a Graduate Research Awardee of the Transportation Research Board of The National Academies, a twice summer alumnus of Bell Labs, and before joining Wright State, was an interim researcher on the (Big) Data Analytics team at ABB Corporate Research. More information is available at: http://knoesis.wright.edu/doran