NLA Changing Lives


No small feat: Changing the lives of future Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Students!!

Members of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Alumni Society (NLAAS) and representatives from the Wright State University Advancement division gathered in Allyn Hall last November for a very important meeting.

With the Annual Scholarship/Fund Gift Agreement document and pen in hand; Jennifer Subban, associate professor for urban affairs; Sarah Williams, NLAAS president; and Becky Cole, vice president for advancement, signed the NLAAS scholarship agreement that will allow funds to be awarded to active NLA students in future years.

 "Education is so important and those of us who are alumni of Wright State and employed in the nonprofit field are so proud that we are able to create this scholarship fund to support the NLA students," said Williams.

 Since the scholarship agreement was signed last fall, Veer Raghava Kumar Marthy (Kumar), designated CNP has been working hard to create awareness and raise funds for the scholarship fund. The goal is to endow the scholarship fund within two years through direct asks and the NLAAS semi-annual wine tasting/silent auction events.

 The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Alumni Society serves as a resource to students, alumni, and to Wright State. Since the NLAAS was established in 2007, the group has provided internship and job opportunities, participated in NLA workshops, assisted in NLA strategic planning, and contributed to many fundraisers organized by the students.

 For more information about the NLAAS Scholarship fund or to donate, visit our scholarship page.