Javed Adibi Bio


 Javed Abidi

(International Alumni Award of Excellence Recipient)


Javed graduated from Wright State University in 1989 with a bachelor of arts degree in organizational communications from the College of Liberal Arts.  He is the Honorary Director of the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP).  Javed resides in New Delhi, India.

 As an impassioned advocate for India’s disabled citizens, he has given voice to an "invisible minority", one that has been denied to them by both political and social sectors for decades. It is a subject that he understands firsthand, having been confined to a wheelchair since he was 10 years old. Born with severe sclerosis of the spine, doctors informed his parents that their infant son would not likely survive. They named him Javed, meaning immortal, and it is his name that will likely prove surprisingly prescient as his dedication to this population will influence – and improve – the lives of millions for generations to come. Javed has since established the National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People, which has been instrumental in the creation of a country-wide database to unite employers with disabled workers. He continues his efforts to inspire those with mental or physical disabilities to act as their own advocates in their struggle to gain the rights that most citizens take for granted - the right to work, to travel, to visit a movie theater or a public pool. It is a struggle that is not yet completed, but for the fierce determination of one man, it is one that is well begun.