Legacy Scholarships

Funded by annual contributions to the Wright State University Foundation and by special fund-raising events sponsored by the Alumni Association, Alumni Networks and Societies, the Legacy Scholarship Fund has provided student scholarships since 1994. 

Legacy Scholarships support students who are the immediate family members (spouse, child, legal dependent, stepchild or grandchild) of a Wright State graduate who is a current gold level member  (in at least their third consecutive year of gold membership) or a life gold level member (paid-in-full if applicable)  at the time of application of the WSU Alumni Association.

The Wright State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship is NOT AUTOMATIC and students must re-apply each year. For more information, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (937) 775-2620 or the Office of Raider Connect at (937) 775-4000.

Eligability for the Alumni Association's Legacy Scholarship is:
A.  Be the immidiate family member (spouse, child, legal dependent, stepchild, or grandchild) of a Wright State graduate who is has sustain GOLD status with the Wright State Alumni Association for three consecutive years or a paid-in-ful lifetime member of the Alumni Association.
B. Have a minimum GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale (incoming, continuting, and transfer students)
C. Be a full-time or part-time undergraduate student
D. Complete the online Scholarship Application by the deadline set by the Raider Connect and Financial Aid Office. During the application process candidates will be asked if they are a relative of a Wright State graduate and then prompted to provide the name of that relative. 

In 2014 the Alumni Association's Legacy Scholarship Ad-Hoc Committee reviewed the Legacy Scholarship Application Process, how applicants were selected, and the award amounts. Based on the committee's recommendation, the Alumni Association adopted a holistic model that evaluates each applicant's academic performance, community involvement, extra-curricular experiences, their essay, and need. 

In addition, the committee build a sustainable award model that promotes academic progress from a student's first year to their fourth year of their undergraduate career. 

Legacy Scholarship Annual Award Amounts
First Year Recipent  $1,000.00
Second Year Recipent  $1,250.00
Third Year Recipient   $1,500.00
Fourth Year Recipient $2,000.00
*All Scholarships and award amounts are contengent on available funds by the Alumni Association