Wright State University Alumni Association Nutter Center Suite Usage Guidelines

Wright State Alumni Association (WSUAA) Suite 218 Usage Guidelines

Purpose of the suite

The Association suite is meant to be a strategic investment to engage alumni groups in an effort to promote the Association and membership.

Good uses include hosting of prospective board members, hosting Deans and colleges with their respective alumni, hosting affinity groups of alumni such as Model U.N. and African American Alumni Society, and hosting student (future alumni) groups.

The suite is not to be used exclusively to entertain current board members and their families, except for occasional events or performances. Per IRS guidelines, no employee or board member may accept over $50 of gifts or tickets (based on fair market value) per fiscal quarter, otherwise they must claim it as a state wage and be subject to taxation, which may jeopardize the Association’s non-profit status. This means, when we are hosting external groups, it does not count as a gift. But when we only host board members, staff, and their families, it is considered a gift and no one may accept over $50 in one quarter.

Guidelines for use

A group not associated with Wright State may not use the suite without special permission. Use of the suite is at the discretion of the Association Board Executive Committee and the Executive Director of Alumni Relations.

An alumni or student group using the suite is responsible for arranging and paying for their own food and beverage service and is asked to not consume Association supplies that may be left in the suite.

A WSUAA Board Member or Wright State staff member must be present to host any group.

Any damage to the suite or its contents is the responsibility of the hosting group.

Contact Person

Kathy Kuntz, Alumni Relations, Foundation Building

Phone: 937-775-2620

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.