Network and Society Fundraising Ideas

Network and Society Fundraising Ideas

• Dine to donate in conjunction with a network/society meeting

• Wine/Beer tasting and silent auction

• Online auction

• Email campaign for a scholarship fund

• Raffle for a large ticket item

• Host an All Class Reunion for your network or society. Build in raffles, 50/50s in which 50% of a collected pot goes to a raffle winner and 50% is donated, and auctions.

• Have a 50/50 at a network/society holiday gathering.

• Host a gathering at a Dayton Dragons game or other sporting venue, increase ticket price to support scholarship funds

• Sell network/society t-shirts (with website address)

• Host a Family Fun Day event (hold at parks, etc.) proceeds from ticket prices to support scholarship funds.

• Themed event parties – Raider Basketball, Murder mystery during Halloween,

Thanks for Giving dinner, etc.

• Wright State Basketball (or other sport or topic) fanatic trivia competition – Hold at a local sports bar or private room in a restaurant. Charge an entrance fee (e.g. $10-$20) in which 100% goes to your scholarship. Winner of the contest gets a good, donated Wright State University gift (e.g. a signed basketball, Wright State fan basket, etc.)

• Concession Stand - Run a concession stand at a local sporting event.

• Community Events -Volunteer club members to work at large community events which then may donate money to the club scholarship for your contribution.

• “Freshmen Send-Off/Raider Walk” party - Invite all freshmen in your area to attend a meeting in the summer before they start at Wright State to welcome them. Have a dinner with a speaker. Donate any proceeds to the scholarship (have your scholarship recipient attend if possible).

• “Match your grad year” - At your annual event ask everyone to donate an amount equal to their year of graduation to the scholarship fund. (e.g. Graduated 1985=$19.85 or 2003=$20.03)