Wright State Alumni Association Gambling Policy


Ohio law defines a "game of chance", i.e., gambling, to be "poker . . . or other game in which a player gives anything of value in hope of gain, the outcome of which is determined largely by chance."

Under Ohio law, when a person pays to play a game of chance (including poker) in hopes of winning a prize, the game qualifies as illegal gambling. To avoid having your event qualify as illegal gambling one of the following conditions must be met:

Participants do not pay anything or give anything of value to participate in a game of chance.

All those in attendance at your event pay to enter, and the game of chance is part of a larger event (but not the focus of the event), prizes can be offered to the winners. No currency or items of value may be exchanged inside of the event. Organizations may use play money as long as each participant starts with the same denomination of play money.

Participants pay to participate in a tournament but no prizes are provided. In this situation, however, all proceeds must either benefit a charity and/or your alumni network or society.



Raffles and games of chance can be used to solicit funds from students, faculty, and community members. Specific raffle and games of chance guidelines are as follows:

The prizes that may be redeemed with raffle tickets and/or play money shall not be extremely valuable (less than $500); this is to ensure that a premium is not placed on winning.

The raffle prize must be secured before raffle tickets are sold and cannot be purchased by the money raised by the raffle itself.


50/50 raffles, or those with direct cash payout, are permitted when the following conditions are met:

The network or society conducting the 50/50 raffle must be depositing 50% of the funds into their Alumni Association account in support of a Wright State scholarship or program.

OR 50% of the total raffle proceeds must be donated to a registered charitable organization. This means 50% is given to the prize winner and 50% is given to the registered charitable organization.

50/50 raffles must be conducted in the following manner:

Ticket rolls with duplicate numbered stubs must be used for 50/50 Drawings.

Publicity for a 50/50 Drawing must include the date, time and location of the drawing.

The drawing must be conducted in plain view of players.

All tickets shall be sold at the event only.

The event shall not last longer than one day.

The winner shall be given a reasonable amount of time to claim the prize.

The winning prize number is to be announced 3 times in a manner that all attendees can hear the announcement. If the prize is still unclaimed after the third announcement then the original winner is considered void and an alternate winner is to be picked in the same fashion. 

The name of the winner shall be announced in the same manner as the winning number was announced.